Exhaustion, Burn-Out

How can music support the overcoming of burnout?

When do we talk about chronic exhaustion?

Chronic stress, chronic sleep disorder, permanent pressure to perform, psychic pressure, unhealthy nutrition, consumption of stimulants, toxins, electrosmog or – as has been proved by science – negative emotions like anger, fear or frustration cause chronic exhaustion, supporting the genesis of chronic diseases.

What does the term burn-out-syndrome cover?

A generally accepted definition of this disease does not exist. Nevertheless, we talk about a state of exhaustion of emotional, mental, and physical quality according to a preceded process of extreme pressure due to work and its high extent of stress and/or overstrain. Probably it makes more sense not to primarily define a burn-out-syndrome according to its typical symptoms, but to refer to its necessary condition of a patho-mechanical excessive identification with personal targets by which from the start those conditions are created and – so to say – „burn out“. Therefore, we often notice this phenomenon with humans at the beginning of their career or they being highly engaged to handle a task, some suffering from fits of exhaustion and an increasing unenthusiastic attitude towards coping with their tasks.

These humans are physically, emotionally and mentally completely exhausted, their capacity to perform highly reduced. In case of a chronic process this often results in a complete nervous breakdown. Very often those humans suffer from sleep disorder and diverse vegetative ailments.

It is of special importance to understand that any time-out as a singular measure cannot prove effective in a sufficient way as long as the patient will stick to overidentification and self-neglect and is not prepared to fundamentally consider and change his or her lifestyle habits.

Meditation has proved extremely supportive to heal a burn-out-syndrome. Therefore, rehabilitation centres regularly apply meditative exercises

ART-vibrations can help the patient to dissolve given energy blockages as a source of exhaustion and depression and allow a more scrutinizing view of one´s self and one´s capacity of being resilient.

Localization of the Energy Centres 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6


Track 1 – Shaking
5 minutes + 5 minutes quietness – Shaking while standing allows your body to free itself from inner tension.

Track 2 – Moving
5 minutes + 5 minutes quietness – Softly moving your body while standing can cause tension to dissolve within the fascia, the connective tissue, and the joints.

Track 3 – Circulating

6 minutes + 5 minutes quietness – By circulating during sitting each organ is softly massaged and the tension within the stomach area can dissolve.

Track 4 – Humming

5 minutes + 5 minutes quietness – Humming is among the oldest techniques to allow our body, mind, and soul to achieve a state of equilibrium.

Track 5 – Breathing (Coherence of the Heart)

5 minutes + 5 minutes quietness – The state of coherence can by far increase our personal energy, preventing its rapid consumption.

Track 6 – Combined Session 1

17 minutes + 5 minutes quietness – Shaking, Moving, Breathing, Quietness

Track 7 – Combined Session 2

17 minutes + 5 minutes quietness – Shaking, Circulating, Humming, Quietness