Improving Sleep

Healthy Sleep (regulation of biological rhythms within the body)

Why is it of great importance to sleep restfully?

Our body is weakened by any insomnia (sleep disorder), is susceptible to diseases diminishing our inner capability to overcome stress.

The reasons being of exterior nature, the progress of other circadian rhythms like temperature or the production of hormones is also impaired. As a result we can generally feel indisposed, irritable, nauseous, depressed, or sleepy. Sleep disorders can also increase the risk of heart diseases and metabolic disorders.

Sleep disorders can support the abuse of alcohol, barbiturates, or other stimulants, for humans addicted alike their seemingly only way to generate periods of sleep.

Nowadays many people suffer from sleep disorders especially incited by an unphysiological style of life, which is opposed to natural surroundings.

In his book “Die Öffnung des 3. Auges. Quantenphilosophie unseres Jenseits-Moduls” (“The Opening of the 3rd Eye. The Quantum Pyilosopy of our Beyond-Module”) (ed. Goldmann, 2O17), Dr Ulrich Warnke (biologist, physicist) points out that there is a highly irritating effect of technically high frequency radiation on the pineal gland in our brain, this gland probably the most important hormone gland.

It is hardly known that this gland not only produces the important antioxidant and sleep regulating hormone melatonin, but also along ideal conditions independently the psychodelic dimethyltryptamine, a molecule e.g. consumed by shamans when drinking ayahuaska.

The substance DMT allows becoming aware of our unconscious, if medically and professionally applied according to an adequate degree. This allows the state of mind gained along the path to genuine spirituality, which is also called “inner awakening”.


The pineal gland can only ascertain a regular and permanent electric state of our brain in an optimized way, if stimulated in a harmonic way by the originally existing electroharmonic impulses of our natural bioplasmatic field.

Nowadays this natural order has been covered by a layer of stress in life, and by artificial and disharmonic high frequencies.

Therefore, considering the variety of health and psychic problems caused be a pineal gland disturbed from the outside to function in an optimized way, we should by any means not meditate while a mobile is switched on, neither within the field of WLAN nets nor any artificial frequencies. At least one must not be surprised to miss transcendental experiences under these conditions.

Our ART-sequences allow our bioplasmatic field to be stimulated in a harmonic way. Therefore, our pineal gland can outbalance our appropriate rhythm of sleep.

Energy Centre 4 (Heart)


Sleep 1
20 minutes

Sleep 2
20 minutes

Sleep 3
28 minutes

Sleep 4 (with Sleep Introduction)
20 minutes