Overcoming of Stress

Meditation for Somatic Overcoming of Stress

Why is it important to concentrate on one´s self so as to overcome stress?

As long as our mental capacities are permanently strained, our body cannot have rest or recover. Regenerative processes are optimized during a state of resting. Therefore, overcoming stress without concentrating on one´s self is impossible.

Overcoming stress serves to regulate tensions of our body, mind, and soul. Tension within our soul always leads to mental and physical tension, weakens our immune system, exposes us to new diseases, or supports already existing diseases to become chronic.


Overcoming stress is of outstanding importance for our health. Permanent stress given, any regulative mechanism of our body can be interfered with.

It is possible to free our body from stress by gaining access to our interior along different channels. Acoustic perception is one of those channels.

To exert influence on any level we have to focus on different areas of our body. Therefore, we have chosen seven energy centres especially enabled to receive sound vibrations. Accordingly, from here regulation can be initiated.

Ancient concepts of healing consider these seven areas the Seven Main Centres (Chakras), each centre exerting a special effect on our soul, mind, and body.

Localization of all Energy Centres


Energy Centres 1 – 7
5 Minutes each track + 5 Minutes Quietness

Combined Session Activation of all Energy Centres 1 – 7, 3 minutes each in a rising then in a shorter lowering court + 5 minutes Quietness
total length: 32 Minutes